Top ‘Textdoor Neighbor’ Reactions

People have been texting their ‘textdoor neighbor’ and some of the reactions are hilarious! The idea is to text the person with a phone number on digit above or one digit below you. Some of these reactions are gold!

Warning: If you text your ‘textdoor neighbor’ be sure to not give out your personal information such as name and address.

#1 That did not go so well.

Chase on Twitter

This number neighbor thing didn't go so well uhhh...

#2 Well, he tried!

ryan (very cute and funny) on Twitter

one time i tried texting my phone number neighbor and he sucked so much

#3 When you accidentally text the cops 🤣

🐘 on Twitter

textdoorneighbour gone wrong . 😊😊😭

#4 That escalated fast!

Virgin Morning Show on Twitter

Have you tried Texting your #TextDoorNeighbour? This is what happened to @Fuzzy985 😳

#5 The bots are taking over!

L O T T I E on Twitter

I actually got a reply!😂 #textdoorneighbour

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